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Regular interaction between the idustry and college takes Place Through Seminor, Guest Lectures, Mentoring,Group Descussion and online Test.
Well Equipped Placement cell & Training department.
Well Furnished Hi-Tech Auditorium Seminar Hall.

Intensive Corporate Interaction

JNM College Students have more Interaction with the Corporate World. The JMN College Resource center Acts as an interface between the students Faculty and the corporate world to initiate Continuous interaction with the industry.

Placements Cell

Biggest Strength of JNM College:

A unique corporate Resource center to facilitate excellent Placements.
Saminars, Consultancy, Quiz, Contest, Research and Resource Sharing.

Congratulates Students

Time flies We are nearing the end of Last Semester and the examination process is already under waiting. We JNM college team wise you the very best and we are sure, you all are in the process of getting settled in your job and carrers.

Academic and Career Advising

JNM College "Placemet cell" help you with your job search, resume, interviewing, post- graduate college aspirations, and life direction.

Get an on-campus Job or internship and build professional experience, have peace of mind, and get some extra cash.


Maybe you are about to become an Aggie parent for the first time, or maybe you've been one for years. No matter the stage you're in, we know that selecting a university for your child is one of the hardest things you'll do as a parent — so we're giving you everything you need to make the choice and the transition to life in Aggieland as easy as possible.


As a parent, you are just as much a part of the JNM College FAST family as your student. We want to make sure that you feel welcome and involved in your child's life here on campus.